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Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's the Deal with this Blog's Name?

It's really quite simple. As I think of myself as a product of Western Civilization, that is, as a man of the West, I decided long ago that if I ever started another blog, I would name it "Man of the West." I'm something of a Celtophile, so I wanted to do it in Irish Gaelic--which I don't happen to speak. So I went to and asked them to work it out for me. Some brief discussion followed, and this seemed, to my ignorant eyes, the best suggestion. It does mean "man of the west," but I was cautioned that a native Irish speaker would probably understand that as meaning a person from the west of Ireland, not necessarily a product of Western civilization.

That's okay. It's the best I can do, under the circumstances. And I happen to think it's pretty cool.

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