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Friday, March 5, 2010

Breakfast in a Flash

Another old post.
I'm trying to take better care of my health. Lately, I've become fond of this breakfast because it's good for my circulatory and digestive systems and chock full of vitamins and it's cheap and easy.

The first thing to do is to get a few bags of frozen fruit. Wal-Mart sells little bags of whole, frozen strawberries, bags of sliced peaches, and bags of blueberries. Take these, chop 'em up into small pieces, stuff 'em back into their bags, and throw 'em back into the freezer. This is a big time saver later on.

Pick yourself a nice, high-sided microwaveable blowl and dump a suitable quantity of Wal-Mart-brand pan-toasted oats into it--for me, it's one cup--and the appropriate amount of water according to the package directions (You can adjust up or down on subsequent days. I don't even bother to measure the water anymore; I just eyeball it). Nuke this for two minutes, then add honey to taste (start with a tablespoon and adjust) and chopped fruit as desired. Stir for about thirty seconds. The fruit will thaw and the oatmeal will cool off to just the right temperature. You could add some chopped pecans if you feel really adventurous.

Eat that and drink some black coffee, which is loaded with antioxidants, and you'll be fit to face the day. Assuming you've already gotten your morning workout in, of course...

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