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Monday, January 26, 2009

Common-Sense Conservative

A common-sense conservative is a person who, without the benefit of extensive reading, knowledge of history, or sometimes even much thinking, holds mostly conservative ideas on the grounds that conservative ideas mostly make a reasonable amount of sense. Common-sense conservatives, for example, know that it makes no sense for an individual to continually spend more than he takes in; it will lead to disaster. So when they see government continually spend more than it takes in, they don't have any trouble accepting the common conservative position that government shouldn't do that without the gravest of reasons. Other common conservative positions are arrived at with a likewise common-sense approach.

The chief problem with common-sense conservatives is that they can sometimes be bamboozled by some huckster who can make bad ideas sound more plausible than they really are. Their relatively poor grounding in history, and often in Scripture, makes it more difficult for them to pick up on historical and logical errors.

On the other hand, probably the majority of people who consistently vote conservative fall into this category, so they are very valuable, to say the least.

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