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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mat Rodina Bloggeth On...

I'm tellin' ya, if this guy keeps up this way, it's gonna be hard not to keep quoting him.

Apparently, some folks recently attempted to have an impromptu "gay pride" parade in Moscow. Part of Stanislav's (I'm not sure yet whether the guy's name is "Stanislav" or "Rodina) take on the situation, emphasis mine:
But what were/are these social perverts trying to accomplish in Russia? Why nothing more then getting their <>, Gay rights...does not sound to vulgar on the surface, does it? But let us dig deeper into these <>. What rights do they want? Right to do what they want in the bedroom? They already have it. Right to vote? They have it. Right to live peacefully, pursue wealth, choose (or rather in their case, reject) God? They have it. So what rights?

Why the rights of the 1 to 2% to shove their perversion down the throats of a whole society and to silence the free speech of any who dare to question this chosen minority. That is exactly the <> they have in the West, a post-Christian, God hating society as a whole, which sides with perversion and takes away, daily more and more, the very basic free speech of those who follow God and His views. The rights they seek is to destroy the meaning of marriage to include them. It is to force the school systems (in some Western nations, including parts of the US) to start indoctrinating the children as early as kindergarten, that their perversion is very good and ok. They have gotten the right to shut down churches, or at least silence them, that criticize their perversion and self love. And of course, the absolute <> to silence any talk about the facts that their life choice is the most destructive short of a third world drug addiction.

The American Andy Thayer was quoted as stating, in Moscow: <> In other words, wreck the system that works for 98% of the population for the <> of a perverse, anti-social minority of insignificant proportion, so that that 2% can be privileged above the 98%. This may work for the West, but thank God in Heaven, we are not and will never be the West.

Mr Thayer went on, with his out of this planet ideas that: <>

I've got news for you, Mr. Thayer, good news for us, crappy news for you: the vast, as in well over 80%, of Russians are disgusted by these Western perverts and their Russian counterparts and chapters. Our Church, unlike the West's, is ascendant and as more and more Russians find Christ, the support for homosexuality will only decline from low to all but non-existent. Keep quiet and about your business and no one will bother you. We will pity you and your bunch of lost souls. Get in our faces to shove your perversions down our throats and the reaction will be swift and brutal and not at the least to your liking. We are not the spineless masses in the post Christian West, who may find you the perverts you are, but are to cowardly, living in their police states, to say it.
In the main, I think that Mr. Stanislav has it right--that is, I think he is right about the aims of the pro-homosexual marriage, homosexual super-rights crowd. A simple perusal of the statistics regarding homosexual behavior quickly reveals that, by and large (there are always exceptions), homosexuals don't give two hoots about being "married." With some exceptions, to be sure, the homosexual lifestyle is one of profligate, promiscuous, largely indiscriminate sex. You can google it yourself; it will not take long to find out that I am right. Now, if these folks aren't genuinely interested in anything resembling marriage, why do they keep agitating for it? Largely, I think, because they hope to experience the delight of forcing, under color of law, some sort of approval, or at least silence, out of people they know do not agree that their lifestyle is just and good and wholesome.


  1. Mat Rodina is Russian for "Mother Homeland" or "Mother Motherland." There are several monuments with that name around the former USSR, including one in Kiev that tops a World War II memorial. The blogger's name is Stanislav Mishin.