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Friday, January 1, 2010

The Height of Unintentional Irony

Michelle Malkin has published a few "best of 2009" posts, one of which highlighted the hate mail she gets in large volume. For those who choose to follow the link, be aware that the language of many of Mrs. Malkin's correspondents is less than charming. Personally, I thought this somewhat-edited-by-me comment absolutely took the cake; one can't help but wonder if the writer has any clue how this makes him sound. Emphasis is mine::
You are the biggest ---- on the face of the earth. Wait- maybe coulter is. No, it is you. Shove your bitter rhetoric up your stinking ---, ----ing idiot.
I frankly find such comments delicious, in a way, as I have been accused of being a "hater" and "intolerant" on more than one occasion--by people who would never admit that liberals can be intolerant haters.

"Bitter rhetoric," eh? Really?

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