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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Phrase that Always Torques Me Off

I saw it again today, this time from a putatively conservative columnist. I say "putatively" because I have a hard time classifying someone who does not base his conservatism on the idea that man has certain divinely-given rights--note that that says nothing about the nature of divinity and leaves a lot of latitude; I am not saying that one necessarily has to be Christian to be conservative (though it helps), just that if you don't base your ideas about man's rights in someone higher than man, you pretty much inevitably wind up in bed with Thomas Hobbes--and this man is an atheist. You might make a case for him being a fiscal conservative, or perhaps a libertarian. But I digress.

The phrase is, "The Supreme Court has ruled..." and it was used, as it generally is, to indicate that all opinions contrary to the court's ruling are the merest moonshine.

Well, as Sherlock Holmes once said, moonshine is, after all, a brighter thing than fog, and frankly, you need not look very far in the court's history to find instances of blatant bias, partisanship, and outright idiocy. What the court has previously ruled means little or nothing to me. What matters is whether or not they take the Constitution to mean what it says.

Someone once wrote that Clarence Thomas ought to wear a t-shirt reading, "Stare Decisis is fo' suckas." I agree.

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