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Friday, May 14, 2010

Channeling Greek Conservatives

I find myself thinking about what Greek conservatives (there has to be at least one, dadgummit) must have been thinking during the run-up to the current situation. I picture it more or less thusly:
Hey, listen, y'all, you gotta slow down on all this social welfare ----. It don't work. All yer gonna end up doin' is creatin' a class of people whose "work" will be to vote more money out of other people's pockets.

Y'all? Hey...


Y'all lis'nin'?

Look, y'all, we know y'all mean well, but, ------, this ---- ain't got no track record o' workin' the way y'all think it will. Ain't never worked, an' it ain't gonna work this time. History's against y'all. Ec'nomics is against y'all. ------, common sense is against y'all.

Um--y'all? We git the sense you ain't payin' no attention.

You're borrowing how much? Are you ------' serious?

Lissen, y'all, y'all jist ain't gittin' it. Ain't enuff money in the world to pay for all the ---- y'all is votin' y'selves.

We ain't lyin', the day's gonna come when it's all gonna crash down 'round yer ears an' yer gonna have riots in the streets over this ---- when y'all can't deliver. Gonna take yer --- years, ------' years, to recover. Look, we're tryin' to help here...
And then, just the other day...
Told ya. But y'all wouldn't listen.

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