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Monday, November 8, 2010

Pat Makes My Point

Mr. Buchanan, in this quoted material, makes much the same point that I would regarding the strength of the Tea Party. In the remainder of the column, he makes other points which you would be well advised to consider, principally this one: both parties, in order to bring the budget under control, are going to have to be willing to embrace some very harsh realities, and the odds are excellent that neither party is going to be willing to do any such thing. Really, do read the whole thing.

But here's the quote. Emphasis is mine:
The media have begun a drumbeat to demand that the new speaker, John Boehner, compromise with Obama for the good of the country.

Are these people delusional?

Republicans were brought to power because they were the Party of No. Boehner takes the gavel from Nancy Pelosi because he led the fight to kill the Obama stimulus, Obamacare, card check, amnesty, cap-and-trade and Barney Frank's financial reform.

Boehner's beliefs are closer to the Tea Party than to Obama. He owes his speakership to the Tea Party. His political interests dictate allying with the Tea Party and moving even further away from Obama.

Why would Boehner lead his caucus into a suicide pact with Obama when, in Boehner's eyes, the national interest and his own interests point in the other direction?

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