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Monday, December 20, 2010

My General Experience with Liberals and Leftists

Brent Bozell notes:
Liberals like Walters always assume that if you're liberal, you're smart; if you're conservative, you're either evil or stupid. Or both.
There are, of course, exceptions. Not every liberal you meet is like this. But most of the ones I meet start our "relationship," such as it is, with a fairly obvious air of condescension, a fairly obvious assumption that I couldn't possibly have a clue what I am talking about. My appearance doesn't help, I suppose. I am almost always adorned with a worn-out ballcap, black jeans, and a Carhartt vest that make me the spittin' image of the average Oklahoma redneck. I guess I don't look like the studious type.

But oh, how the tables turn...

It is flatly amazing how few liberals have read our founding documents, yet have the nerve to pontificate on American politics. To my mind, if you haven't at least read The Federalist Papers, you ought to approach the subject with at least a little humility, or at least the presumption that just possibly, that ignorant-looking fellow in the ballcap might not be any worse informed than you are. This, liberals generally fail to do, and when they find out otherwise, that's when the "evil" part comes into play--that is, when they find out that they can't baffle you with BS, they start accusing you of being mean and evil-spirited and narrow-minded and judgmental.

For my part, I don't hold that liberals are necessarily either evil or stupid. My general feeling is that there are two camps, so to speak: some people are liberals and generally at least mean well, and some people are hard-core leftists, and do not mean well at all, and are just wolves in
sheep's clothing:

The problem with liberals is generally that they let their emotions and empathy run ahead of their thinking. The problem with leftists is that they want control over you and your money and are trying to get it under a faux cloak of compassion.

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  1. On the flip side of this, a lot of conservatives think that all liberals are immoral socialist baby killers. As far as I’m concerned ANYONE who automatically assumes someone is stupid, evil, or immoral based simply on his/her views on politics is either a blind, intellectually dishonest partisan or a complete fool. There are extremely brilliant conservatives and very moronic liberals; there are very moral and ethical liberals and immoral and unethical conservatives; and there are just as many evil statists in both camps who want to control everything under the sun to make someone who actually understands things like the Constitution want to throw up.