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Monday, February 7, 2011

Amen, an' Amen, and Yet Another Amen

Via Kat.
Boy, howdy, did I like this one. It was with difficulty that I refrained from quoting the whole thing. Emphasis in the original:
...despite the fact that he (McCain) was as much a Washington insider as any of them, YOU decided that he was "electable."

So YOU nominated him.

And YOU found out that he wasn't "electable" at all.

Now along comes a gal who says and does everything right. One who walks the path of Ronald Reagan. One who never wavers from her conservative principles. One who doesn't give a damn what the Washington establishment thinks of her. One who shares - and champions - your values. One who is willing to suffer the slings and arrows - attacks of the most pernicious kind - willing to pursue YOUR goals with headheld high and steady determination in her voice - so as to make this country of ours a better place.

And what do you do?

Run in fear.

I read things like this and I get so angry:
"I like her enthusiasm and ability [to] energize people," said one woman.

"Would you support her for president?"

"Well, we're more Mitt Romney people."

"I like her," says one man. "I'm not sure she's presidential, but she gets the message out."

"Could she become presidential?"

"Hell, if Obama can be president, so can she."

"We like her personally, but can she win?" said another woman. "We're very worried. She's been so demonized."
My God.

You are nothing but frightened children. You don't deserve her.

Ask yourself: Who made the determination that Sarah Palin isn't "presidential" while Mitt Romney is? I'll answer for you: The same people who "so demonized" her. And you accept that? You let the likes of ChrisMatthews and Katie Couric determine for you whether she can run this country? Do they also change your diaper?
I'd tell y'all more about what I think about Sarah Palin, 'cept that you've heard it all before.

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