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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes I Just Have to Laugh

I'll let it pass with but the smallest of comments:
My teachers’ father, Higa Seitoku...was instrumental in not only preserving a number of ‘old style’ karate techniques but also in bringing the art of Ti from its secretive shadows through a series of public demonstrations with Uehara Seikichi of the Motobu Udundi style. It was his opinion that Uehara was the only karate teacher of his time who understood the techniques of tuite and had learnt them from his teacher Motobu Choyu.
Really? The man didn't feel like the man who pretty much introduced the term "tuite" to the West, right down to the commonly-used (in the West, at any rate) pronunciation, rated a mention?


For those who didn't know, Taika Oyata and Uehara Seikichi did a fair amount of training together.

1 comment:

  1. I think the wording of the paragraph is not clear because I didn’t encase the statement in “quotations”.

    Higa’s words were in relation to Uehara sensei in the context of the years following WWII. As Oyata trained with Uehara at a later date there is no need to mention him in the context of this statement; just as I feel there is no need to mention all the others who learnt tuite from Uehara either.

    Indeed Oyata is largely responsible for introducing tuite to the west but he didn’t create tuite; neither did Uehara or even Choyu Motobu.

    Thanks for raising it though.