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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Death Threats Against Traditional Marriage Proponents?

In a way, the idea that homosexual activists would pop off with death threats against those who advocate traditional marriage doesn't surprise me. You can hardly do anything in public these days without some idiot "threatening death" to you.

Shoot, even I've been threatened with death at least once in my life. Guy called up to the restaurant where I was working and threatened to "blow my blanking head off" because of some disciplinary action I'd had to take against his wife (and our employee). I can't even remember what it was. I just remember asking him if he was aware that she'd been doing X, and I heard him turn around and ask her if she'd been doing X, and she said, "Yes," and he got back on the line with me and said he was sorry.

So, even though I'm sure there are some homosexual activists out there who would willingly kill, I'm not all that worked up about it, at least not yet. Most death threats are just some idiot venting.

What amazes/amuses me is the attitude behind it all. Throughout human history, marriage has been between men and women, by and large between one man and one woman. There have been a few instances in some cultures where homosexual relationships have been widely tolerated, but darn few where people actually referred to the participants as "married." Few enough that their existence more readily highlights the weirdness of the situation than anything else, with the upshot being that for most of humanity throughout most of history, to talk of two guys being married or two women being married would have been roughly in the same class as talking of a man and a goat being married or something. Just ludicrous.

Homosexuals in this country, for the most part, are not even interested in what we would typically think of as a married, that is, monogamous, lifestyle. Most of them are quite promiscuous and prefer life that way. You need not take my word for it. Start googling and find the average number of partners the average homosexual man has in a year. If you haven't already done this, you will find yourself wondering when they have time to work.

Seen it on display at work. I was in the restaurant business, which, if you didn't already know, is rife with homosexuals. They like it because the hours suit their lifestyles. I knew a pretty fair number of them over the years and frankly, most of them, all they cared about was getting back out to the bars for another encounter. Picturing that crowd as interested in "marriage," for the most part, is just silly.

As far as I know, in every state of the union, homosexual adults are perfectly free to shack up together for as long as they like. They can go to any lawyer and arrange, via wills and so forth, dispositions of their property very much like any married couple. Except for religious organizations, hardly anyone cares what your sexual orientation is when it comes to employment. When it comes down to it, even most evangelicals that I am aware of are not in favor of out-and-out outlawing homosexual behavior. I expect that I am fairly typical: as long as we're talking about adults, I'll maintain that it's a free country and that though I think homosexual behavior is shockingly sinful, it's nevertheless not a matter for governmental interference.

Given a situation like that, why push for homosexual "marriage"? Why, in the face of overwhelming opposition throughout the country? You must realize that every single time the issue has come to a vote of the people, it's gone down in flames (so to speak). The only thing I can think is this: homosexual activists, for whatever reason, are determined to force me and like-minded individuals to call them "married" whether we like it or not, and not to speak our minds in public about the morality of homosexuality, under penalty of law. In other words, this whole thing is not so much about homosexuals being able to get married, a state most of them are simply not interested in, as it is about using force of law to shut up their critics.

Dreadfully immature, in my opinion. But then, immaturity has long seemed to me to be a hallmark of the homosexual community.

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