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Saturday, November 21, 2009

James White Nails It

The post is short--so short, in fact, that the only reason I don't just quote it in its entirety is the few remaining shreds of my sense of decorum--but well worth reading. Dr. White links to an article noting that homosexuals in the United Kingdom are trying to legally require churches to hold homosexual civl union ceremonies.

You think that homosexuals will be satisfied with civil unions, or even with homosexual "marriage?" I beg to differ, and suggest that you don't really understand their psychology. As Dr. White says:
I have been saying for years, homosexuals do not want equal rights. They want uber-rights. They want to silence anyone who would identify their sexual perversion as sin.


This is why there is no protection at all in the addition of "free speech" protections in hate crimes laws, etc. We need to realize they are taking things one step at a time: get the law in place, then whittle away at the protections until you accomplish your goal. Do it slowly enough not to raise too loud an alarm, but never, ever give up. And given that these people define themselves by their deviancy, they will dedicate themselves each and every day to their task.


  1. I know plenty of gay people and I have never heard any of them talk about wanting anything that resembles “uber-rights.” This sounds like a bit of fear mongering to me.

  2. Dave, of course you wouldn't hear them talk about it. If that were your goal, would you publicize it?

    Of course, in my experience with them, most homosexuals are not what you would call "gay activists" anyway. Most of them are too wrapped up in (in all seriousness, I am not simply mocking) how quickly they can find another hot stranger to sleep with to be politically active. I am not making that up. You can google it yourself and find out that I am dead-on right. What Dr. White (and I) are referring to are the activists that set the agenda.

    Dave, it boggles my mind that you could read the post--did you click on the link, and follow Dr. White's link?--and understand what was said, and call it "fear-mongering." Homosexual activists in Britain are trying to get the law changed so as to force churches to perform ceremonies they don't want to perform, ceremonies that violate their religious conscience. Pastors have been prosecuted in some countries--the Netherlands immediately springs to mind--for preaching that homosexual behavior is sin. Can you think of any other group that has the right to force churches to perform ceremonies against their will? If not, are homosexuals not, by definition, seeking a right that no one else has? A super-right, or "uber-right?" Same thing with the preaching: what other groups can you think of that have the legally enforceable right not to have their behavior publicly called sin? This is not hypothetical; this is what is actually happening. How can it be fear-mongering if it is actually happening?

  3. I just now click on the link and I should have done so before commenting. I apologize for that.

    The problem here I think has more to do with the activists than the fact that they happen to be gay activists. In general, most activists (be them liberal, conservative gay, straight, blue, green, purple, atheists, Christians, global warming enthusiasts, etc.) believe that their rights are more important than the rights of others. Homo activists believe that their rights and cause are the most important. Christian activists believe that their rights and cause are the most important. And so on, and so on, and so on. Activists tend to be extremists and extremists of all stripes, IMHO, should be thwarted at every opportunity.

  4. ...extremists of all stripes, IMHO, should be thwarted at every opportunity.

    You'd wind up living in an awfully bland world, my friend... :)