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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Leftist Track Record

Let's see: leftist policies led to long lines, low productivity, shortages, severe and widespread pollution, poverty, mass murder, and oppression for the Soviet Union. It worked so well for so long that they have repudiated it and are rebuilding themselves, at least according to Stanislav, along mercantilist lines.

Leftist policies led to long lines, low productivity, shortages, severe and widespread pollution, poverty, mass murder, and oppression for China, and China has opened the door to progressively greater and greater market freedom.

Leftist policies work so well that the North Koreans have been known to strip the bark off trees for food.

Leftist policies work so well that people routinely braved likely death to escape via boat from the hellhole of Vietnam.

Leftist policies work so well that the Coast Guard must routinely intervene to save people who've risked likely death to escape from the hellhole of Cuba Castro's workers' paradise.

Leftist policies have Greece teetering on the edge of defaulting on its debt and plunging into widespread societal chaos.

And now, leftist policies have brought Venezuela corruption, oppression, rampant inflation, steep recession, and food shortages when there are tons of food rotting in government warehouses.

And what's the reaction of Leftists in America? Is it to say, "Whoa! Better back off from that!" ?

Is it to say, "Time to re-evaluate our core beliefs"?

Is it to say, "Hmmmm. Maybe those right-wingers knew more than we thought" ?

Is it to say, "What the heck were we thinking?" ?


Instead, what they spend their time doing is nudging America further in the same direction that has led to ruination for country after country, all the while demonizing their opposition as out-of-the-mainstream extremists! They do their darnedest to move the center further and further to the ruinous left, and then have the nerve to complain that their opponents aren't centrists! They champion the same policies that have brought whole nations to their knees and criticize their opponents for their alleged insensitivity to the poor--the poor that leftist policies indisputably create in massive numbers! They attribute any opposition to policies that have killed millions upon millions of people and impoverished countless millions more to racism, sexism, and greed!

They look upon the ruin of nations, and say, "Gotta git us some o' THAT!"

They remind me so very, very much of someone:

Frustrating. VERY frustrating. And the sickest thing is, these people always act so grievously dadgum offended when the truth is told about them and their ideas.
The inevitable response from someone after one of these posts is always something along the lines of, "Yeah? Well, you guys turn into Nazis!" Look, just take a look at the truth about fascism before you start flapping your gums about it, okay?

Yes, Virginia, the leftists really do own the major murderous ideologies of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries--lock, stock, and barrel.

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