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Friday, June 4, 2010

One of the Problems with Multiculturalism

There's more than just one problem with multiculturalism, of course. But Professor Hanson notes one of particular interest:
For all the European talk of progressive attitudes about free speech, feminism and gay rights, such principles fade quickly when radical Muslims demand Sharia law, demonize homosexuals or threaten European cartoonists and novelists.
How far do you go with your tolerance and multi-culti crap? Do you embrace cultures that declare that your own deserves no tolerance? Do you embrace cultures within your midst that are determined to displace or destroy your own? As a practical matter, this is slow suicide. Some cultures are inimical to others. They simply can't coexist in any meaningful way.

Oh, I know what the multi-culti crowd actually does: it just declares that all those intolerant Muslims are the aberration, and that way, they can continue their own toleration of a culture that, historically, tolerates no others. Unless you want to think of "dhimmitude" as "tolerance."

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