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Monday, July 27, 2009

Old Footage of Taika Oyata

I don't know who put this up, or when it was taped. If I had to make my guess, I'd say it was taped at a seminar sometime in the early 1980s.

There are some interesting applications here, especially from the Naihanchi katas, and also some very interesting tanbo applications that I've never seen on video before. If you're interested in old Okinawan kobujutsu or tuite, you might find this fifteen minutes well spent.

Clinic Held at Tejutsu Dojo - Amazing videos are here


  1. Ya know what I'd personally be interesed in seeing on your blog here? Your review of Dillman's three pressure point books... Seems like the sort of thing you MUST have read, but I haven't seen you mention them before...

    Enquiring minds want to know!

  2. Oh, I've read them, alright. Still have them.

    I try to stay away from some subjects, Dillman being one of them. I was not there when he was around Taika Oyata. I have heard a few things from more senior association members who were there, but I'm not going to pass those on.

    To a degree, the reason that I do not talk much about Dillman is that in evaluating his books, you pretty much have to talk about where they depart from RyuTe as I am being taught it, which means you have to explain RyuTe in some detail. I think you've probably noticed that I do not go into a great deal of detail about RyuTe technique in any post. This is deliberate. I do not possess teaching credentials and do not wish to appear as though I did. I can recommend Openhand's blog for those interested in detailed commentary on RyuTe. He has been with Taika's organization for many years and is much more qualified.

    I'm sorry, but there's only one thing you're going to drag out of me about the Dillman books in this space, I think: Mr. Dillman goes into considerable detail about the acupuncture meridians, cycles of destruction, five-element theory, and so forth. Insofar as I have been shown/heard/read, Taika does not mess with any of that, will actually suppress a groan if you so much as mention "ki" around him. There's a reason that he refers to so many of his techniques as "nerve point" techniques.

    Draw your own conclusions from that...

    I would say that it's worthwhile for anyone interested in learning any of the kata in RyuTe to buy the appropriate video from the association. Most of the video is occupied with Taika performing the kata from various angles and with different timings, but there are always some sample applications, and you can get a good sense of the approach Taika takes to kata interpretation from them.

    In addition, there are some really old videos out there, mostly in the hands of the really long-time association members, I guess. I have one videodisc just chock-full of tuite and applications from weapons kata and the empty-hand kata that was given me by my instructor. It appears to have been compiled from several other videos. The bad news is that I was given the disc on condition that I not circulate it, and I imagine that any others in possession of it are under similar restrictions. It is too bad; I kid thee not, it would take, I am sure, a minimum of three or four years to get good at the material on that disc. At any rate, those discs are out there, and I imagine that sooner or later you'll run across someone with a copy who will at least invite you over for a beer to watch it.

    Shoot, if you visit Oklahoma, let me know, and we'll devote an evening to it.

  3. Great footage. Oyata Sensei does the same open hand kata that I do in my system Okinawa Kenpo from Seikichi Odo, student of Nakamura Sensei. That being the case I can really appreciate and take something away from the demonstrations here.

  4. As I told Pat, you ain't seen nothin' yet. You oughta see some o' that material on the disc I mentioned.

    Same invitation goes for you: if you're ever planning to pass through Oklahoma, let me know, and we'll make time for a viewing.

  5. yes, man of the west, it is "me", billy ray gossett, aka bill gossett. billy ray is my real name. i think it was a missouri, oklahoma, arkansas thing way back when. only relatives over 80 still call me that.

    you have a great blog, thanks for the web link and say hello to your instructor for me.

    billy ray

  6. I certainly will do that. Thanks for reading; I will try to make it worth your while. :)

    If you get some extra time, I would love to hear your comments on the post on Christianity and martial arts. You can find the link in the sidebar under "popular and/or important posts." I just hope I haven't made some grievous mistake in it...

  7. man of the west, my veiws are pretty clear. i qoute paulo cohelo, a famous christian writer on my web site. "the moment he begins to walk upon it, the warrior of the light recognizes the path." god sends each of our souls on thier own journey. it is up to us to connect with god everyday. god wants to walk our journeys with us. if martial arts is part of a souls journey and that soul trys to connect everyday, then that soul will know if they are walking the path that is part of their journey.

    billy ray aka bill

  8. I remember that quote: the first time I saw your website, it struck me, and I wrote a brief post about it.

    If we ever do get to meet, you'll find that I'll talk your ear off in person, too.

    It occurred to me today that you'll likely see my instructor next week; I know he is planning on going to the birthday seminar, and I have a hard time imagining that you'll miss it. :)