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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sherlock Holmes' Martial Arts a la YouTube

The subject having been brought up on another blog, I thought I'd put together a few YouTube clips highlighting Sherlock Holmes' martial arts prowess.

Sherlock Holmes' Boxing
There is a little mild "language." You've been warned.

Sherlock Holmes' Fencing

They disabled embedding, but if you want to see what it means when it says that Holmes was an expert "singlestick" player, here's a clip of a singlestick bout.

Sherlock Holmes's "Baritsu"
This one has musical accompaniment, which I find unfortunate, but you can see Holmes' use of "baritsu" at about 1:25 into the clip.

A Short Bit on Bartitsu
If you wanted to know more...


  1. Well done! I particularly liked the video about bartitsu. It certainly filled in some blanks for me.

  2. Thanks! All compliments are gratefully accepted.