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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

They Saith, Over at The American Thinker...

For its part, the Tea Party, which began as a movement named after a historical American event, has the potential to morph into a political organization that eclipses the Republican Party. A GOP that aims to mollify Tea Party supporters with the ol' Beltway shuffle, followed by cocktails with political adversaries at the Club, may eventually find itself walking amidst the ghosts of the whigs.
...mmmmmm. Could be, maybe. All I know is this: I'm gonna be in Oklahoma City four times this week. Oklahoma City is home to Sgt. Grit's. I will probably make it a point to stop by and pick up one of these. If I can keep myself from feeling guilty over dropping a twenty on a t-shirt that I don't actually need.

(Now, I just know some dim bulb is gonna click on that link and say, "1775! Doesn't that idiot know it was 1776? Or 1773, if you're talking about the Boston Tea Party?" For you, just for you, let me point out that that is a Tea Party/Marine Corps t-shirt, and 1775 was the year of the Marine Corps' birth. So there.)

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