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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cool White Quote

Occasionally, James White knocks one out of the park. He saith:
"The traditional view of God the Creator is untenable now." What kind of hubris does one have to possess to come along at the beginning of the 21st century and decide that everyone else before you just didn't get it, and that your insights are so grand, so sweeping, that you can make such statements? Answer? The 21st century secular liberal, for whom there is no such thing as humility, let alone balance.
SNORT! Sorry, had to snort. Can't tell you the number of times somebody--lately, it's been a flock of atheists--has thrown up to me some argument that reveals that they either haven't bothered to read the material seriously, or that they aren't at all familiar with the centuries-old refutations of their centuries-old and still-sophomoric arguments. It's pitiful to watch, really; all they end up doing is making themselves look like 11-year-olds.
For the inevitable person who will come along and say something stunningly ignorant, the context of Dr. White's remarks has, probably, nothing to do with your particular issue, ok? The reason it's quoted is because it's a funny commentary on the bloated sense of self that so many people have today.

1 comment:

  1. Gallilleo did it.

    Newton did it.

    Darwin did it.

    Louis Pasteur did it.

    Einstein did it.

    Stephen Hawking did it.

    That's how science works, people come up with new ideas that blow away the old, ignorant and superstitious ones.