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Monday, April 5, 2010


(Sigh) I was reading Linda Chavez a day or so ago. You know, I'd heard about this:
...the story broke that RNC money paid for a night out on the town for a group of young donors and staff at a bondage-theme nightclub in West Hollywood, Calif., aptly named Voyeur.
but not about this:
...Steele has his own problems, namely very expensive tastes. During his tenure, he's spent RNC money on private jets, limousines, and four-star hotels on his frequent travels -- nearly $9,000 at the Beverly Hills Hotel on one stop. The RNC has about $13 million less in the bank than when Steele became chairman, and he's raised less than he's spent during his tenure, putting the RNC in poor financial shape heading into elections in the fall.
I think there's real hope for big electoral gains for the Republican Party this Fall. But increasingly, it seems to me that leadership at the top of the party is so bad that it's going to be very much a case of us making those gains in spite of our leadership, not because of it. We will win, probably not because voters perceive Republicans to be a good choice, but because Democrats have proven themselves to be a disastrous choice. And when we do (I hope!) win, we are going to face the fact that the Republican Party leadership now in power is going to still want to run the show.

What a mess.

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