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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Truly Le Mot Juste

Doug Giles does have a way of putting things:
...we can’t say squat about Islam anymore. Oh, hell no. Muslims are groovy no matter what they do, and anyone who says otherwise … is … well … evil … in the eyes of the thought police who’re heading up the United States of Political Horse Smack.

Check it out: When Muslims kill 3,000 Americans, we can’t call them “wicked.” When they abuse women, cut off little girls’ clitorises, stone unruly wives, honor kill their teenage daughters for texting someone not named Achmed, and keep precious women in stone-age bondage worldwide, we can’t say that’s BS because that might offend them. And God forbid we should offend folks who’re six bubbles off level and don’t get basic women’s rights.
Oh, I know what some of you are going to say. I've heard it so many times I can hear it bouncing around in my head even now, before you've picked your jaw up off the floor so that you won't slobber all over your keyboard as you rush to vent your indignation over these comments. "Most Muslims aren't like this. Most Muslims are perfectly peaceful."

And that is true--as far as it goes. But it does not go nearly far enough.

For one thing, I defy you--any of you--to demonstrate that the problems Giles listed aren't real horrors for untold numbers of people. They are real, as you can easily find out for yourself. I challenge you: subscribe to Jihad Watch for a month. Just put them in your Google Reader list, or in your RSS reader or whatever. You don't even have to read all the articles. I'm telling you, and I'm serious as a heart attack, the headlines alone will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, both because of what they say and because of their incredible frequency. The truth is that you won't even have time to read everything that comes through that site. There's just too much of it.

And for another thing, let me suggest that you try this: you go ahead and google for countries according to percent of Muslim population. Then you google for countries according to education level, human rights, liberty, etc.

You already know what you're going to find, don't you? That there is really quite a correlation between how high the Muslim population is and how dismal the human rights situation in a country is. Try it. See if I'm wrong.

It's not so much that most Muslims are peaceful, as it is that the higher the Muslim percentage of the population goes, the more special concessions they demand (ask the folks in Detroit!), the more control they demand, the more adherence to sharia law they demand, and so forth, until there are so many that they can squash dissent.

And a last thing: you go back and look at history. Look at what happens when Muslims have money and the capacity to project power. You will quickly find that Islam is an expansionist religion. They don't hesitate to spread Islam by the sword whenever they can. When they have not actually done so, you can bet your bottom dollar it's because they've met defeat on the battlefield and/or run out of money to finance war, war being a very expensive proposition, after all.

"Religion of peace," my tuchus. And people don't want us to say a darn thing about it, lest we offend and inflame the li'l boogers. It's madness. Have you ever checked out the list of things that offend Muslims? It's getting endless. The only way not to offend Muslims is to convert to Islam.

Well, they can bite me on that one. Ain't a-gonna do it.

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