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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Fourth Quote from The Truth War

...historically and collectively, Christians have always been in full agreement that whatever is true--whatever is objectively and ontologically true--is true whether any given individual understands it, likes, it, or receives it as truth. In other words, because reality is created and truth is defined by God, what is really true is true for everyone, regardless of anyone's personal perspective or individual preferences.
I have mentioned before that I have actually encountered an educated man, a doctoral candidate at Princeton (at the time; he may have his Th.D by now) who promoted the idea that truth is defined in community, that is, what is "true" for one community may not be "true" in another. Be careful here: he was not saying that what "works" in one community might not "work" in another; he was striking at the idea of objective truth itself.

Mercy. I have a lot of respect for the genuinely well-educated, but folks like that don't make it easy.

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