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Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Tenth Quote from The Truth War

Evangelical churchgoers desperately want their churches to stay on the leading edge of whatever is currently in vogue in the evangelical community. For a while, any church that wanted to be in fashion had to sponsor seminars on how to pray the prayer of Jabez. But woe to the church that was still doing Jabez when The Purpose-Driven Life took center stage. By then, any church that wanted to retain its standing and credibility in the evangelical movement had better be doing "Forty Days of Purpose."
One of my persistent complaints about the modern evangelical church--Southern Baptists by no means excluded--is that they are perpetually vulnerable to the latest fad that promises REAL, GENUINE REVIVAL! RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW!

You tell 'em that Church X has baptized umpteen bajillion people in the last six months using Method Y, and they are by golly willing to jump all over Method Y.

They never bother to look into it enough to find out that Church X doesn't see but a handful of that umpteen bajillion return to church after being baptized.

Drives me nuts to think about it. We spend lots and lots of time on

and hardly any on anything resembling serious doctrinal training.

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