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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Seventh Quote from The Truth War

...the Emerging postmodernists have blurred the line between certainty and omniscience. They seem to presume that if we cannot know everything perfectly, we really cannot know anything with any degree of certainty.

[multiple-chapter snip]

Of course, such a denial of all certainty has nothing to do with true humility. It is actually an arrogant form of unbelief, rooted in an impudent refusal to acknowledge that God has been sufficiently clear in His self-revelation to His creatures. It is actually a blasphemous form of arrogance, and when it governs even how someone handles the Word of God, it becomes yet another expression of evil rebellion against Christ's authority.
This has been my experience with most Emergents. Quite a lot of them will not admit that they know anything for sure, at least anything spiritual, and it gradually dawned on me that when they use the word "know," they employ a double standard: when they want to deny that you can, for example, know from Scripture that activity "A" is sinful, "know" means to know as God knows, that is, omnisciently, but when it comes to such things as Do they know how to drive, perfectly ordinary knowing-in-the-ordinary-human-way-of-knowing is just fine. They can read the directions on a box of brownie mix and know how to make brownies, but they cannot read the Bible and know that it says that "A" is sinful. It is an absolutely classic case of heads-I-win-tails-you-lose.

Makes the li'l boogers aggravating as the dickens to deal with.

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