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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Must Read

A must read, that is, if you care at all about what may end up being the most momentous decision of the Obama presidency.

Some of you--both liberals and conservatives--may not like Pat Buchanan all that much. Personally, I think your dislike is misplaced. That is not to say that I agree with every jot and tittle of what the man writes. I don't. But I do think that you ignore what he has to say at your peril. He is on target in his analysis more often than almost anyone else I read. Not for nothing has it been said that his tombstone should read, "I told you so, you (badword) fools!" Here's a taste:
While America was consumed this summer with quarrels over town-hall radicals, "death panels," the "public option" and racism's role in the plunging polls of Barack, what happens to health care is not going to change the history of the world.

What happens in Afghanistan might.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal has done his duty. He has bluntly told his commander in chief what he must have in added combat troops and warned that if he does not get them, America faces "mission failure."

Translation: a Taliban victory and U.S. defeat, as in Saigon 1975.

Not only does President Obama face the most critical decision of his young presidency, this country is facing a moment of truth.

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