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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Pastime that Never Really Ends

One of my favorite pastimes is reading/listening to someone who hasn't the foggiest notion what in the sam hill he is talking about lecture forth, gloriously unaware what a fool he is making of himself. I know, I know; seems almost a bit cruel, doesn't it? Wouldn't it be nice, wouldn't be charitable to enlighten a poor fellow like that, to gently correct his misunderstandings?

Of course it would. But one of the things that makes these people absolutely hysterical is that they will almost automatically reject the input of anyone more knowledgeable on the subject of the day than they themselves are--unless, of course, said input agrees with their already-uttered opinions. So, for example, when it comes to Christianity and poverty, they will listen to Jim Wallis; when it comes to Christianity and homosexuality, they will listen to Barry Lynn; they will never, not at any time, listen to you (even if your stock of learning on a given subject dwarfs theirs) or to anyone whom you recommend. They will insist that their chosen authorities are the only acceptable authorities, despite rather obviously being completely unequipped to judge whether their authorities know what they are talking about! This makes them marvelously un-correctable, so to speak.

So you wind up with the amusing spectacle of people who have, for example, rather clearly never actually read the whole Bible, lecturing Christians who have read it--and commentaries along with it, in more than a few cases--over and over and over again that the multiple Biblical injunctions to God's people to care for the poor actually amount to injunctions for the state to care for the poor--accepting, briefly, for the sake of argument that what the state does to for the poor is actually "care"; people who have never read either the Bible or the Qu'ran lecturing Christians that Christians and Muslims worship the same god (sometimes Mormons get dragged into this discussion, too!); people who've barely read the Constitution (if at all), let alone The Federalist Papers, lecturing others on the meaning of the General Welfare clause, the Tenth Amendment, the First Amendment, and the Second Amendment; and so forth. It would not be difficult to supply many more examples.

Fortunately for my pursuit of this pastime, I have a more-or-less continual supply of such shenanigans coming to me via the good graces of Google Reader.


  1. I know that we disagree on this topic, but anthropologically speaking, Muslims, Christians, and Mormons (who I thought were Christians) do worship the same God. People can squabble over this and that and claim that Muslims actually worship a Moon god because the word Allah predates Islam and was used in Arab countries before Muhammad came around. Heck if you want to get picky, one can argue that the God of Abraham and the God of Moses were actually different Gods and while that is fascinating and important archeological information, it doesn’t change the fact that in the here and now Jews and Christians believe that they are the same God. The same is true with Muslims and Mormons (but honestly I’m not sure why Mormons were even brought up…what am I missing about them MOTW?).

  2. I know that we disagree on this topic...

    Aye, that we do.

    ...anthropologically speaking, Muslims, Christians, and Mormons (who I thought were Christians) do worship the same God.

    How far does one go before they are not actually Christians despite claiming to be such, Dave? I brought Mormons up because I've heard precisely the same thing as you've said here on more than one occasion--that Mormons worship the same god Christians do. But consider: the Mormon "god" was once a man--not the Almighty God incarnate, as Jesus is held to be, but a plain ol' ordinary man, who was elevated to "godhood" through obedience to the laws and ordinances. He lives on a planet orbiting a star named "Kolob" (I am not making this stuff up, Dave...), with his wife. One of his sons is Jesus; another is Satan. Salvation in Mormonism does not consist of being forgiven of sin through faith in Christ's atoning sacrifice on the cross; it consists in obedience to the Mormons' laws and ordinances, and elevation to your own "godhood," along with your wives, on your own planet, where you can start the whole thing over again, so to speak.

    The same god? I don't think so. You are entitled to think so. Everyone's entitled to their opinions. Personally, mine is...well, I'll have more opinion on the subject in a little while.