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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Laura Hollis, Quoting Paul Krugman

Italics in the original material:
Everything you need to know about the fundamental creed of these self-appointed visionaries is contained in this pearl of Krugmanite wisdom: "A side observation: one Republican talking point has been that Democrats had no right to pass a bill facing overwhelming public disapproval. As it happens, the Constitution says nothing about opinion polls trumping the right and duty of elected officials to make decisions based on what they perceive as the merits."

Doesn't that just warm your heart? We know better that you, you bunch of drooling neanderthals. You didn't elect us to represent you; you elected us to rule over you.
And that is exactly what I was saying the other day: Democrats knew they were riding roughshod over the wishes of their constituents when they voted for Obamacare. It's galling, galling in the extreme, when they act as though their passage of that bill means that the country was behind them.

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