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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ray Stevens' "Caribou Barbie"

Don't conclude from my embedding of this li'l clip that I think that Mrs. Palin is ready for the presidency. I don't think she quite is. On the other hand, looking at the pack of thieves, rogues, and idiots currently on the national scene, I'm not entirely sure I can think of anyone genuinely ready for the presidency.

As far as the current occupant of the White House is concerned...


...dadgummit, I can never quite make up my mind whether he is a thoroughgoing idiot or some kind of stealth Marxist tool. Either way, given a choice between His Barackness and Caribou Barbie?

Caribou Barbie wins that one hands down. I'm pretty well convinced that at least she's got the common sense and basic values that God gave a goat. Can't say that about all the candidates available.


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