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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Problem in a Nutshell

I actually left a comment on the local lib blog (don't often do that anymore, kind of a waste of time), and elicited a comment from what I think is pretty much the only other regular reader they have, and to my mind, that comment explained all there is to know about why the Democratic Congress is so determined to push through their health scare care deform reform despite knowing full well that their proposals are intensely unpopular.

Basically, he said to wait a generation and then, you'll never be able to wean people off it--government health care, that is. Oh, he couched it in terms of the people "benefiting" from it for a generation, which is obviously highly debatable, but I think he's right in that other respect. If the Democrats get this passed, they know perfectly well it will ultimately become one more untouchable entitlement program that will help to keep their party in power--especially if, via comprehensive immigration reform amnesty, they get about 12 million new voters in the next few years.

They might lose power this year, the thinking goes, but after that, it's perpetual Democratic one-party rule, baby! So the only problem, from their perspective, is getting sitting Congressmen to walk the plank for the sake of the party's future.

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