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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just Keep It To Yourself, Okay?

Your "health" problems, that is. When I listen to people gripe and moan about how awful they feel, and how they go and go and go to the doctor and never seem to get better, I almost always find myself thinking the same cotton-pickin' thing:
Will you shut up about that? You don't get any kind of regular sleep, you subsist wholly on utter garbage for food, you don't get any exercise, you smoke cigarettes, you have no spiritual life--just exactly what would you expect to feel like, but hammered dog squeeze? Geez louise, get a grip, willya?
Not that I personally know anybody like that, of course.

1 comment:

  1. Well, I can't say that I am one of the people whining about how I feel but...

    I do feel like crap. I'm tired all of the time and lately I have been feeling like crap.

    However...I don't really go and go and go to the fact, I rarely do go to the doctor...perhaps I should...

    However (dot dot dot), you are correct in stating a few things. I DON'T get any kind of regular sleep, I do tend to eat garbage for food (however, in my defense, sort of, I can't cook worth a shit), I DON'T get much exercise..

    Although, I don't smoke cigarettes anymore (quit about 10 years ago). As for spiritual life...well, that is open for debate lately.