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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Blistering Assessment

I have seen more than a few assessments of the president like the following, but this one is special to me; special because it's Dave, my relatively-left-of-center blogospheric acquaintance, making it.
I understand that the reason for this trip was for the First Lady to spend time with a mourning friend and I think if this was the only incident then this would be a non-story, but the fact is the President and his family seem to be taking some kind of vacation every other week. Heck based on the reports I hear on the news, it
appears that the President is hardly ever in Washington because he is always off somewhere giving a speech about something.

Look Mr. President we all know that you can give a great speech, that’s one of the things that actually got you this job, but how about you stay in DC for a while and actually do the job we hired you to do? The country is a mess. The economy is in the toilet. People are frustrated and angry, and the last thing we need is for the man who promised to unite the country to go off and take a crap-load of fancy vacations while the rest of us scrape to get by. Why don’t you go and actually get to work on trying to right this wayward ship, okay sir? Also, why don’t you try and act like you are actually one of us and not some stuck-up rich boy on parade with his rich and beautiful family. I supported you because I thought you were the real deal. I thought you were going to try and heal this country and change things for the better. Well, needless to say that I am gravely disappointed in your performance thus far.
And no, if you wondering, Dave's is not the one-sided-to-the-point-of-unintentional-hilarity lib blog to which I frequently refer.

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