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Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Some Cowboy Dude"

So, I'm up at the church participating in a phone blitz--just calling around, letting people know about our new Sunday School Lifegroup year that's starting soon, and so forth, and I get to the last call.

Turns out to be the best one of the night.

Howdy, is --------------- there?


This is ----------, with ----------- Baptist Church, is -------------------- there?

Just a minute...

Dad, there's some guy on here, I can't understand what he's saying, he sounds like some cowboy dude or something...
And then they hung up--with me grinnin' like a monkey on the other end.

If you ever happen to hear me speak, remember that I'm not putting on an act. My family on both sides has been in Oklahoma for a long time, and I rally dew hayev an ayeksint jist thicker'n na her own uh dawg's bayek.

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