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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Uncle Ted on Arizona's Immigration Law

Found this via a link from a Facebook friend. There is an extremely mild vulgarity--hmmm, I need to do a "position post" on cussin' sometime soon--you have been warned.

"Uncle Ted," for those who don't already know, is, of course, Ted Nugent, aka "The Nuge," "The Rev. Theodocius Atrocius," etc.
When someone gets pulled over by a police officer or gets arrested, it is proper police procedure to ask for identification. No one of goodwill can possibly dispute that common-sense police procedure. And that's all Arizona's new law basically states.

So let me try to understand what the opponents of Arizona's law want: If a cop pulls someone over for speeding, the cops are not to ask for identification? Or if they do ask for identification and the speeder cannot produce identification or has identification from another country, the cop should turn a blind eye and send the speeder on his merry way? This, of course, is Three Stooges logic.


Alinsky would be proud. The Founding Fathers would weep. Davy Crockett would shoot somebody.

I support basic human rights. If an illegal person is here and is apprehended, he or she should be treated with basic human rights. But there is a big difference between being treated humanely and being given the same legal status as a U.S. citizen when you are not.

People in the United States illegally are not U.S. citizens and therefore are not due protection under the same laws as legal citizens. U.S. laws are passed for U.S. citizens, not people who are here illegally. This is Common Sense 101 and is why the overwhelming majority of Americans support Arizona's immigration law.

That this needs to be stated is an indictment of the increasing mindlessness of an increasing population of weird, illogical people. It's a damn shame, really.

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