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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh, Go Ahead and Make Yourself Look the Fool

I won't mind. I'll even sympathize a bit, having done the same to myself often enough.

There are certain subjects in this world about which the conventional wisdom, that which "everyone knows," is so badly wrong that unless and until you make a deliberate attempt to do the reading and bring yourself up to speed, you really risk making yourself look foolish in spouting off-hand comments about them.

The Venona Secrets
Blacklisted by History

Just sayin', it might be worth doing the reading, y'know? It might just turn out that your analogies are seriously flawed.
Some few days after this was published, I noticed a comment on it elsewhere to the effect that these books are all suspect--suspect because, God forbid, they are published by Regnery Press. Nothing Regnery Press publishes can be worthwhile, you see, because they are a conservative publishing house.


Of such stuff is blissful ignorance made...

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