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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Okinawan Soba and the Newest Addition to the Blogroll

I was googling for recipes for Okinawan soba--a kind of noodle soup that is apparently much-beloved by certain members of the RyuTe Renmei--and found a very detailed post by one "Sharon," of Westchester, New York. It is excellent, and if anyone is even remotely interested in finding out about the subject, I recommend it highly.

Sharon's blog, The Good Life, is also the first food-related blog to make my blogroll. It's very well done overall, and you can find the link in the "Hard to Categorize" section of the blogroll.


  1. Why thank you very much for such a sincere, kind shout out. I hope you try the soba. It's a long process, but very very worth it.

  2. You're welcome! You're a good writer and it was fun to read about. I will probably try it eventually, but I bet I end up cheating by putting the dough in my bread machine and running it on the "dough" setting for a little while instead of doing the kneading by hand.