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Thursday, September 9, 2010

And Now, It's Dan Phillips' Turn

He saith:
Qu'ran, Quran, Koran, however you spell it: there is a church in New York Florida that plans to burn Qu'rans on September 11, to commemorate the day Muslim terrorists killed over 3000 Americans in a literally diabolically clever attack targeting non-combatants who were going about their daily lives.

Is it a good idea?

Candidly, part of me really likes it, really wants to give a fist-bump at this display of in-your-face defiance. Muslim extremists — which is closer to a tautology than one wishes — threaten and target anyone who dares speak out against any aspect of their cult, including cartoonists and writers. Here's a church saying, "Oh yeah? Take this!" I like it.

But by the time one celebrates about his fourth or fifth birthday, he is expected to have begun to develop the ability to think about impulses before acting on them. In this case, a moment's thought tells me it's a very bad idea.
If you want to know why he thinks it's a bad idea, read the rest of the post. I do agree with him (as does the inimitable Kat)--yet, as I have implied (or said outright) earlier, I frankly have a very hard time working up a whole bunch of sympathy for all these offended Muslims.

Shoot, you can't say diddly without offending Muslims. After a while, you just come to the conclusion that it's all manufactured outrage designed to make you more malleable as regards their never-ceasing demands for special privileges, special laws, etc. Either that, or you just get tired of them acting like little kids--violent little kids--and want to say, "Will you just honkin' grow up?"

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