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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Widdle Bit Atfay, Are We?

If so, read this. Heck, read it even if you ain't carryin' an extra ounce. Here's a short snip:
Latest figures confirm the ridiculous: three out of four of you will be ‘overweight or obese’ by 2020. To gauge perspective: there are now more ‘fat’ people than ‘white’ people in America. Perhaps our bigots of the future will swing their hatred away from ‘race’ to the slim and healthy.

The shrinking minority are, indeed, the shrinking minority.

Stupid? Welcome to a population who know less about what they put into their mouths than they do about, well, take your pick…celebrities or cars or American Idol or iPhones? Animals have the intelligence to know what to eat and to never get fat (except the ones fed by humans). Yet that simple challenge, gaining nourishment without destroying the body, is beyond your capabilities?
OK, I know what you're thinkin': "How heavy are you, Mr. Wiseacre?" About fifteen pounds too heavy, and gradually shrinkin'. Excellent pulse rate and blood pressure. The "gradually shrinkin'" part is due almost solely to gradually just paying more attention to what I cook at home.

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