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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Mildly Amusing Inconsistency

Sometimes it takes a while for things to percolate around in my aging brain. I read a post the other day, and something...rattled...back there in my brain housing group (as we call our skulls in the Corps), but just exactly what took me a while to figure out.

Y'see, the more recently-read post talked a bit about how, if the Republican Party ever managed to work up the nerve to tell the Christians among them--the "American Taliban"--to torque off, then they'd inherit the great mushy middle--that majority of folks who are more or less libertarian and presumably don't want to hear about issues like traditional marriage--and sweep to electoral victory.

Probably not two weeks before that, I read posts and comments to the effect that with that judge's ruling--was it Vaughan Walker, or Walker Vaughan? I forget--that the fourteenth amendment somehow protects a right to homosexual marriage, the country had finally gotten things right in spite of the bigotry and so forth of the clear majority of the country.

So there you have it, folks: on some days, the majority of folks are a bunch of moralizing bigots who don't want homosexual marriage and need to have a judge whip 'em into shape, and on other days, the majority of folks embrace a sort of mushy libertarianism that doesn't really want to talk about moral issues.

All depends on which ox you're trying to gore on a given day, I guess.

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  1. We all have inconsistencies, it’s part of being human. So with that said, it makes total sense that while on the one hand the majority of the country favors more libertarian ideals while at the same time holds anti-homosexual tendencies. But the point that the author was trying to make, if I read his post correctly, was that the majority of Americans, which currently fall into the Independent category, tend to lean libertarian but are not completely consistent about it. That is why I quoted his piece as a Quote of the Day because I think that his analysis is spot on.

    I do however condemn his use of the term “American Taliban” and I should have stated so on my post—I will add something shortly. I do agree with the statement “When it comes to government enforced "Christian" values the Democrats and Independents tend to oppose such big government intrusions while the Republicans...are hysterical proponents of such moral authoritarianism.” Obviously this statement holds much greater power with the “American Taliban” part removed. That kind of comments just isn’t necessary or needed.