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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Hindu Talks about How Hindus Have Experienced "The Religion of Peace"

These are the words of Satya Dosapati of Hindu Human Rights Watch, as quoted by Robert Spencer:
Let me tell you what happened to Hindus in India. It would be a grim reminder to all of us to what can happen if we are not vigilant. When Columbus set sail to distant land, the land he was looking for was India. India, like today's America, was very open and tolerant society, scientifically and materially advanced, and held 25% of world's GDP just until few centuries ago. India at that time included today's Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. But what happened to the great society was they gave into pacifism and liberalism. Hindu Kings were unprepared for the brutal violence of Islamic invaders from the 1100's. Hindu Kings were never prepared for the deception, hate and brutality in war and the senseless murder of innocent citizens and the rape of women that caused a holocaust of 80 million Hindus. They destroyed hundreds of thousands of magnificent temples and built symbols of conquest. They made sure the worshipped statues of the Hindu temples were placed under the steps of Mosques as the ultimate insult to infidels and their religion. Taj Mahal, you know today, is a Hindu Palace temple. According to Arab's own accounts, they talked with pride that they killed the Hindu infidels to such extent that they filled their rivers with blood by following the word of Allah. They even have a mountain named "Hindu Khush" near Afghanistan, commemorating the slaughter of 100,000 Hindus on just one day where they slit their throats and left them to die in the 1300's.

Just recently, Mahatma Gandhi's pacifism and liberalism resulted in the slaughter of millions of Hindus and in just 60 years a Muslim-majority country, Pakistan, literally wiped out 25% of its Hindu/Sikh population by kidnapping women and girls, raping the women and murdering the infidels and forcing conversions or evicting them. Actually, most of it was done in matter of few months. A Muslim-majority country, Bangladesh's genocide of Hindus caused their population decrease from 30% to less than 10% today, and the Islamic Government instituted laws that they have the right to take away infidel land any time.

What is happening in Hindu majority India? Muslims percentage increased from 7% to 15%. In just last few years, the number of terror deaths and terror incidents in India is next to Iraq. What happened on 9/11 was repeated on 26/11 in Mumbai. In India there was only one state where Muslims were a majority, that is Kashmir. Overnight 18 years ago, they drove away 350,000 Hindus under threat of violence and rape of women, they are still living as refugees in their own country in squalid camps. Now hear this. Just in the last 48 hours, as part of Ramadan celebrations, Muslims in the north eastern state of India, in the state of West Bengal, where Muslims are in larger percentage, have announced that they will rape every Hindu woman and girl, and started rampaging Hindu shops and homes. Indian Government has to call in the Army to control the situation.

This is the story we want to tell you millions of times, so that America as well as Europe never face the same situation by their preoccupation with liberalism. We do not want 100 years down the road somewhere in the world someone to talk about what happened to this great country. What is happening in the north eastern state of India today can very well happen in Michigan as the percentage of Muslims increase. What happened in Kashmir and various parts of India as Muslims increased in numbers will happen in many parts of this country. We are seeing this in the towns of Europe already. Consider this. Few hundred years ago until Islam invaded, Pakistan and Afghansithan were filled with Buddhists who would rather die than kill even a small animal. Today their descendants are performing barbaric acts under the name of Taliban and perpetrated the brutal acts on 9/11 against our country and killed thousands of innocent citizens. The once peaceful lands are all terrorist countries.

However, I do not blame Muslims. It is what the ideology of hate will do to a human being. Just look at Saudi Arabia where Koran is the constitution. They teach their little children from Koran that Christians and Jews are pigs, Hindus are worse than animals, infidels are equivalent to urine, feces, dead body. They produced 15 of the 17 well educated terrorists who committed 9/11. You cannot put a church, synagogue or temple, but they are spending billions of dollars building Mosques in our country and teaching intolerance and hate to thousands of Muslim children in our country. The situation is so bad that today's Jihadis are not from Pakistan, but from the Saudi funded mosques in our own country.
Now, I know you know that Hindus, unlike Christians, are never intolerant bigots, so I expect that you will take this guy's words on this subject a little more seriously than you take mine...

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