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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Does Marxism Mean?

Every so often, when we are talking about how some people in the political world want to take us leftward, ever leftward, and some people want to give those burarum, those Marxists pretending to be anything but, the benefit of the doubt, I find myself thinking, "You poor fool. You do not understand what's in these people's hearts. The only reason they don't murder me right now is because they know that, right now, they'd never get away with it. But give them the chance to act on all their beliefs, and what happens is brutal oppression and bloody mayhem."

From Wade Burleson's blog:
John Stam is our missions pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Enid, Oklahoma. He and his family have been a part of our church for years. After serving as our education pastor and then our school headmaster over the past decade, John became our full-time missions pastor this past April 1, 2010. He bears the name of his great uncle, John Stam, a 1932 graduate of Moody Bible Institute and a Christian martyr. The elder John, along with his wife, Betty Stam, were martyred in December 1934 while serving the Chinese people in the river valley west of Shanghai. The story of John and Betty Stam is best told by Geraldine Taylor--daughter-in-law to Hudson Taylor, the man who founded the China Inland Mission--in her classic work The Triumph of John and Betty Stam.

John and Betty met each other at Moody Bible Institute and since Betty was a year older than John, she sailed for China as a missionary in 1931, he a year later in 1931. After a year long courtship in China, evangelist and missionary Reuben A. Torrey performed the marriage ceremony for the Stam's on October 25, 1933, in Tsinan, China. John was twenty-six; Betty was twenty-seven. The region where the Stam's served was particularly dangerous because of the civil war between the Chinese Nationalist Party and the Chinese Communist Party. Eleven months after their wedding, on September 11, 1934, Betty Stam gave birth to a baby girl the Stam's named Helen Priscilla.

Three months later the Stams were beheaded by the Communists on a hill outside Miaosheo while their baby Helen lay hidden in a blanket. To honor the account of how the Stam's died, I will quote verbatim from Geraldine Taylor's The Triumph of John and Betty Stam.
Never was that little one more precious than when they looked their last on her baby sweetness, as they were roughly summoned the next morning and led out to die. . . . Painfully bound with ropes, their hands behind them, stripped of their outer garments, and John barefooted (he had given Betty his socks to wear), they passed down the street where he was known to many, while the Reds shouted their ridicule and called the people to come and see the execution.

Like their Master, they were led up a little hill outside the town. There, in a clump of pine trees, the Communists harangued the unwilling onlookers, too terror-stricken to utter protest—But no, one broke the ranks! The doctor of the place and a Christian, he expressed the feelings of many when he fell on his knees and pleaded for the life of his friends. Angrily repulsed by the Reds, he still persisted, until he was dragged away as a prisoner, to suffer death when it appeared that he too was a follower of Christ.

John had turned to the leader of the band, asking mercy for this man. When he was sharply ordered to kneel—and the look of joy on his face, afterwards, told of the unseen Presence with them as his spirit was released—Betty was seen to quiver, but only for a moment. Bound as she was, she fell on her knees beside him. A quick command, the flash of a sword which mercifully she did not see—and they were reunited.
These **** Marxists will tell you 'til your ears fall off that all they want is justice, all they want is power for the people.

My butt. Give 'em the chance, and they'll murder your fanny in the name of their "justice" and "the people." At heart, Marxists are just another bunch of power-grabbing, totalitarian thugs.

And you wonder why it so deeply disturbs us that Palpatine's hung around one flavor or another of Marxists his whole darn life...

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