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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Shape of the Real Battle

From The American Thinker:
...the 2000s taught us conservatives that the GOP is not the conservative party; it uses conservatives to win elections. As much as I loathe the Jeffords, Specters and Crists of the world, the GOP itself has shown that it couldn't care less about limited government or fiscal responsibility. Those were merely nice-sounding themes for the back-home troglodytes during campaign season.

[big, fat, hairy snip]

This is not about maintaining a slim and slippery numerical majority in the US Senate, especially when Obama wields the veto and Democrats wield the filibuster. This is about a revolution in thinking inside the Republican Party leadership. If that doesn't happen, none of the rest matters.
It's easy to ignore or remain unaware of what's really going on here: it is not, and has not been for quite some time, a question of a conservative Republican Party against a liberal Democratic Party. It is more a question of a big-government Republican Party against a big-government Democratic Party, with the joker in the deck, so to speak, being that a pretty substantial number of people in the Republican Party don't actually want big government, but wind up voting Republican because so many Republican candidates say they favor small government, or because it is manifestly clear that the Democrats champion more government than anyone else on the field.

In other words, it's small-government conservatives against everyone else, Republican, Democrat, or otherwise. Very challenging.

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